Campaign for Virgin Galactic's recreational space travel.
 Print, special invitation Direct Mail, infomercial, and video billboards. 
Copy by Kyle Schlinkert.
- 2014 Addy Winner for Campaigns 
Headline: Sea Level

The realization of a lifelong dream is about to come true, excitement pulses through your entire body as sweat drips from your brow. The mixture of anticipation and nervousness echo in the timbre of your voice. All systems are a go, T-minus 3 minutes and counting.

What are you doing this weekend.
Headline: G-Force

The thunderous sound of the unlocking mechanism rattles the hull as the WhiteKnight detaches from its ark. In seconds your neurotransmitters begin to fire on all cylinders; the immense pressure thrust upon you overshadows thoughts of impending doom. Time seems to stop as you’re jettisoned into space at 3,000 miles per hour.

Next stop, the cosmos.
Headline: Zero gravity

The roar of the engines comes to an immediate halt as the curvature of Earth reveals itself. The stunning view is only eclipsed by the excitement that emerges as one of your arms begins to rise. Suddenly your body knows no bounds in complete weightlessness.

Enjoy the view. 
Headline: Atmospheric re-entry 

The sudden shift in your body indicates that gravity is taking back its hold over you, the windows are glowing a fiery red as the feathered wings glide you from the heavens. The descent through the stratosphere instills a strong sense of accomplishment and pride within you. 

Welcome home astronaut.
Location: New York City, Times Square.
Rotating Ship (The White Knight)

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